Agent Smith

Agent Smith is a monitoring tool that helps broadcast engineers anticipate and correct problems which could cause transmission outages.

It is primarily aimed at the Snell (Pro-Bel) Morpheus/MAPP Automation suite but can monitor any network connected equipment.

Features include: 

  • Process/Application Monitoring
  • Hardware/Operating System Monitoring 
  • Multicast Traffic Monitoring
  • Log Activity Monitoring
  • Log Analysis (eg successful content transfers)
  • User defined log alerts
  • SQL Database Health Monitoring
  • Historical performance graphs for each target
  • Engineer diary notes associated with each target
  • Escalating alerts via email, SMS, IM, SNMP
  • Clear user interface with traffic light overview
  • Browser based interface for easy access
  • Unlimited user defined layouts
  • Distributed architecture for large installations 


Agent Smith Overview (PDF)324.24 KB
Screenshot - VNM monitoring22.25 KB
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