Automated Office Backups

Nice Cup of Tea
Many people enjoy a relaxing nice cup of tea at work.  But spill it in the wrong place and it can do just as much damage to a company's data as burglary, flooding, power surges, fires or hardware failures.

Few companies can function effectively without access to their server and data.  Planning for a data disaster is not simply good business practice, it is essential.  Ensuring your data is safely stored offsite should be viewed as an insurance policy.

Citrus offers an Automated Office Backup (AOB) service.

Customer data is transferred during closed-office hours to one of Citrus' servers hosted at a secure unadvertised site in England.  All data is transferred through an encrypted tunnel and the backups are monitored by Citrus' engineers.

The AOB service offers many business benefits:

  • The service is automated so somone forgetting to change the tape in the server is not a problem
  • Data is kept at an secure unadvertised location
  • The AOB is an essential step in any disaster recovery plan
  • Backups are performed during out of office hours when data lines are quiet
  • The AOB can be used as primary backup or as adjunct to existing backups
  • Data can be archived and stored daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • The AOB can replace the need for costly tapes and backup administration
  • Individual files or directories can be restored on request or the entire data set if disaster strikes.